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Retro sweets used to be a childhood favourite but these days, with our busy modern lives, it can be difficult to find time for them. But you Indian Foods still might as well get the biggest pack of them you can and give them out as birthday presents, wedding favors or just because!

A popular pack of retro sweets is the Jamaican Mussel. This date-locked, scallop-shaped ball of delight is a delicious example of why you should always have a few. The mussel’s head and golden shell are both edible and it is rather difficult to resist.

Another great variety of sweet mussels are the Amish Got Mouldy Oars. These salty-sels are so popular that they have been described as “The World’s Top Natural Spice” and are used in traditional Scandinavian dishes.  The “Got Mouldy” mussel is described as a Walking-talking mushroom grown on peat soil. It comes from the Irish word “gmoul” which is known as a kind of a mushroom.

The luckless fortune-seeded “Fenugreek” mussel is another popular Indian Foods mussel, and the black “Spotted Dick” mussel is Indian Foods highly prized for it’s yellow coloring. The bright red spotted mussel is rather rare and is considered a delicacy, as it is quite rare.

Indian Foods


Fenugreek is also known as curry flush.

Another chewy, delicious dish is known as Fenugreek Stew.  This hearty dish is made with the ubiquitous basmati rice.  It has a variety of ingredients but the main ones being Fenugreek Seeds, fresh coriander, cumin as well as turmeric and cilantro.  In fact, like many other traditional Indian dishes, Fenugreek Stew serves as a culinary cleanser.

As stated earlier, there are so many varieties of Indian cuisine that one would have to study each species in order to have a taste of its particular diversity. However, it is quite hard to narrow down favorites, and many of these foods are closely related to several other cuisines.  For the Indian food aficionado, it is difficult to decide which recipes are the most “comfortable” ones.  For example, one of the favorites is chickpeas.  While chickpeas are not particularly favorite in the Western world, they are quite popular in India and make for a great option for vegetarians.

ortillas are tortillas which are made by hand every time you order.  You can ask for them to Indian Foods be fried, soft or with cheese on top.  You can never really go wrong with these versatile ingredients. สล็อตเว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์

At the dessert end of the meal, tandoori chicken is always a favorite.  Tandoori chicken is dry and has a very unique flavor.  Some people claim that it tastes like cayenne chicken.

Chicken Korma, as it is called, is the star of the meal.  It is marinated chicken cooked in a flavorful mixture of spices and yogurt.  The dish is served on a bed of rice.  prefer chicken korma spicy or sweet.

When it comes to the side dishes,

tandoori bread is always a must-have.  It is a curry-based dish that is made from pounded cooked breadcrumbs and stuffed with potatoes, peas and spices such Indian Foods as garam masala, cumin and coriander.

Another side dish is Sheer Chai, which is similar to Indian chai of tea.  This sweet and spicy tea is made from black tea leaves.  It is a thicker drink than tea.  It is made with milk, spices, and fruit.

Biryani is a favorite of Indian families.  It is a stew-based dish that is high in fat and calories.  Most of the fat in a biryani is in the meat (beef, lamb, chicken, fish and vegetarian) and rice.

Although these Indian dishes are quite famous in the United States, they are difficult to find in their original country.  In this case, you will have to enjoy these dishes, when they do arrive in your home, because we are bound to the busy schedules that we have.  Indian Foods The next time you are in your local Indian restaurants, remember that finding the healthier Indian foods will go a long way in making your palate smile.